True Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Look no further than Tall Trees LED for True Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for any solution and budget. All of our grow lights feature our True Full Spectrum white LEDs engineered for optimal plant growth.

Are You Elite?

Introducing the uniquely scaleable Harvest Elite Light Bar System. Users are able to easily scale from 800W all the way up to 2,000W. Ideal for all stages of growth including propagation, vegetative, fruiting and flowering. Our new Harvest series uses all the same advanced technologies from our Tree Master series and adds additional functions and features in a new lighter and sleeker modular design.

  • Harvest Elite Frame Available November 2016
  • 200W, 800W-2,000W Configurations Available
  • Low Profile Harvest Chassis
  • End-user Serviceable

Not Your Standard White LEDs

The HE200 features Tall Trees LED’s Scientifically Engineered Spectrum IIe True Full-Spectrum White LEDs. Our white LED is the World’s Most Advanced Horticultural White LED. Manufactured only for Tall Trees LED, we start out with Premium Bin High-Power 425nm Blue Base 3W LEDs and then coat them with our Proprietary Phosphor Formula giving our lights the fullest spectrum available from ANY grow light ANYWHERE.  Learn More About Spectrum IIe

Deep Reds For High Yields

Alongside our Advanced White LEDs we also supplement with Premium High-Power 660nm Deep Red 3W LEDs for precision saturation at the plant’s Chlorophyll-A peaks which are critical for maximum fruit and flower production. During heavy fruiting and flowering, plants may use as many as 10x more red photons as blue photons used during vegetative growth making saturation at this frequency extremely important for all gardens.

Light Your Crop, Not Your Room

At Tall Trees LED, we strive to put as many photons on canopy as possible with all of our grow lights. We achieve this by using Precision Total Internal Reflective (TIR) Lenses on all of our commercial products. These lenses collect up to 94% of the photon output of the LEDs and refract and focus it predictably and uniformly across your crop’s canopy. This helps prevent photons from being wasted on walls and other non-photosynthetically active surfaces. Available with either 90 degree or 45 degree precision lenses to suite the plant, garden and grower’s preferred coverage, intensity and penetration.

Moving Parts Fail, Your Grow Light Shouldn’t

The number 1 killer of LEDs is heat and it builds up when FANS FAIL. We overbuild all of our commercial product’s cooling systems by 30%+ using Passive Heatsink Cooling Technology. No Moving Parts To Fail, Ever! Our heatsinks pull waste heat away from the LED chip’s slug and dissipate it directly into the grow environment providing SILENT, rock solid performance and reliability.

Grow Rooms Grow Too

We are pround to introduce the Harvest Elite Light Bar Sytem. Harvest Elite 200W Light Bars combined with Harvest Elite Frame allows any user to expand from 800W all the way up to 2,000W over a given coverage area. Nothing comes close to coverage and PPFD available with the Harvest Elite Light Bar System.

  • Individual 200W Light Bars are also available for use in 4’x2′ areas or even supplemental side lighting.

If It Breaks, You Can Fix It

“If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.” -Edward A. Murphy, Jr. (Murphy’s Law)
Things do break and accidents do happen. The entire Harvest series has been designed to be end-user serviceable allowing you to replace components your self in the event of a failure. All connections between Light Engine Modules (LEMs) and Power Supply Units (PSUs) use IP65 quick connect fittings. No need to ship back for repairs.

Power Your Light Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, your HE200 will work. It is equipped with a Precision Constant Current Power Supply featuring Under/Over Voltage Protection and Under/Over Current Protection. Capable of handling 100VAC-277VAC for all residential and commercial power sources world-wide.

Built To Outlast

All of our commercial products are built using premium materials and rugged designs. The HE200 is IP65 rated and built using 6063 Aluminum and Stainless Hardware to handle anything your environment can throw at it. With an expected lifespan of 60,000 hours, we also include the best warranty in the business – 5-Years, No Hassle Warranty.



Construction 6063 Aluminum
Stainless Hardware
Optical Grade PMMS Lenses
Input Voltage 100-277VAC
Input Power Frequency 50/60 Hz
Connection US 3-Prong Grounded Plug
Power Consumption 205W / 120VAC@1.7A
205W / 240VAC@0.86A
205W / 277VAC@0.74A
LED and Power Supply Protection Precision Constant Current
Under/Over Voltage
Under/Over Current
Output Frequencies (Agricultural Applications) Spectrum IIe True Full Spectrum White
Premium Bin 660nm Deep Red
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 44″x5″x6″
Expected Lifespan (Hours) 60,000
Waste Heat (BTU) 547
Array Size 2″x42″
Available Optics 90° Total Internal Reflective (TIR)
45° Total Internal Reflective (TIR)
Veg Coverage Area (90° TIR) 26″x68″
Flower Coverage Area (90° TIR) 18″x58″
Veg Height (90° TIR) 12″
Flower Height (90° TIR) 8″
Veg Peak PAR (µmol) (90° TIR) 440
Flower Peak PAR (µmol) (90° TIR) 640
Veg Coverage Area (45° TIR) 26″x68″
Flower Coverage Area (45° TIR) 18″x58″
Veg Height (45° TIR) 29″
Flower Height (45° TIR) 19″
Veg Peak PAR (µmol) (45° TIR) 350
Flower Peak PAR (µmol) (45° TIR) 570
Environmental IP65 Rated
Warranty 5 Years


Optics Options

90° TIR Lenses (Standard), 45° TIR Lenses (Upgrade)


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